Voice Over

E xperienced Voice Over Artist


It all started when people around told me I have a pleasant voice. This was the start of my advanced training. With talent, effort, and support, I managed to offer my services as a voice-over artist.

Are you looking for a voice-over artist who:

      1. can do any voice-overs,
      2. can even render “boring” texts interestingly,
      3. does research and structures every text in advance,
      4. and delivery quality at a good price?

You have made the right choice. Every text can sound fascinating when given a voice. I will gladly help you tell your story.

What languages can you expect?

  • German
  • English (AE)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Romanian

Pricing and special offers

0,09 per word

Silver Edition

  • Offer applies to every type of text EXCEPT for novels and audio books.
0,10 per word

Gold Edition

  • This offer applies ONLY to novels and audio books of every genre.
??? per word

Creative Edition

  • This offer applies to combined inquiries or other type of request.
50 Voucher

Trial offer

100 Voucher

Winning you back

This offer applies to new customers. Redeemable upon the first order.

This voucher can ONLY be redeemed upon booking a second order and is NOT valid for new customers.

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