Language is my area of expertise

Language expert 100%
Passionate voice over artist 95%
Globetrotter 90%
Website Design 80%

The languages ​​are great! Unfortunately, we do not master them all. But maybe that's a good thing because otherwise, there wouldn't be me: A passionate translator who speaks 7 languages ​​and can translate 5 of them. But that's not everything.

I also do voice-overs in my small home studio and transform written letters into spoken words. This is geared towards companies and authors who want to inspire the world through podcasts, videos, and audiobooks.


I have many years of experience and passion, and I want to convince you that my offers are tailored to your wishes in order to guarantee you the best possible result and thus a 10 billion percent satisfaction.

Keep scrolling and let me convince you of my offers, my talents, and my work.


7 languages in store


Lived in 7 countries


Satisfied customers


Cups of matcha tea

My strengths

I vouch for

  • Offers that exactly meet your requirements and are tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • Already when contacting me for an offer, I am in direct and active exchange with you, so that every request is completed as well and precisely as possible.
  • With a personal and goal-oriented offer, I guarantee a professional, successful, and satisfactory result.

Are you looking for a translator and / or voice-over artist who

  • Offers you a personal and direct contact?
  • Via email, phone call, or video telephony.
  • You can reach any time?
  • Unless I'm away with the family, but even then, I will spare a few minutes to help you out
  • guarantees successfull delivery?
  • I stand for my quality.

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